When you suffer a catastrophe, such as fire, flood, wind, or other property damage, the need for cleanup and restoration is immediate, comprehensive.

We Specialize In:

  • 1. Customer Management regarding Alberta Residential Tenancy Cases & Landlord / Homeowner Issues. Repair, Renovation due to tenant negligence
  • 2. All Areas of Commercial and Residential Renovations
  • 3.Commercial Development
  • 4.Restoration
  • 5. Infills
  • 6. Framing
  • 7. Finishing Carpentry/mill works
  • 8. Custom Home Builder
  • 9. Garages and fences
  • 10. Driveways
  • 11. Roofing

Customer Management

  • Planning the work to be done, getting the necessary personnel, and assigning the right duties to the right people
  • Hiring the right people and putting them on the right sites, as well as reprimanding and firing workers when needed
  • Coordinating tasks by different people on different sites to ensure uniformity upon project completion
  • Ensuring timely completion of the project to build client trust while avoiding unnecessary penalties
  • Working within the budget by adequately estimating the costs and cutting unnecessary expenses
  • Procuring and allocating resources to ensure there is no shortage while avoiding any unnecessary delays caused by management decisions
  • Managing both internal and external risks within the project’s lifetime, such as poor planning designs, and government policies, which directly or indirectly affect the project


  • We also are committed in planning, budgeting, allocating resources, and providing timely completion of your project. We also ensure that your project is completed within the set budget and is within the scope.
  • Our vision is to be at the forefront of competitive pricing, fostering a community of suppliers, skilled trades and vendors united by a passion for creating your dream project.

Customized Renovation

We will work with you step by step from start to finish whether we are modifying your home’s kitchen, bathroom, basement, flooring, painting, garage or what is required to fulfill your wishes.

We will ensure to the best of our ability that your project will deliver the expected results and benefits.